365 Photo Challenge – Week 22

365 Photo Challenge – Week 22

The feature image for this week is another one of Layton’s favourite pieces.  I suspect it’s not because of the jar itself, but more to do with the treasure it holds.

This week also sees one of my favourite vases, the Nautilus, as well as the end of Ceramics Month.

The Ti-Toki Bottle

365 Challenge Day 146

These ceramic crocks were produced by Crown Lynn in the 1970s as novelty packaging for Ti-Toki liqueur.  They came in this brown glaze as well as a blue/green glaze.  Today these original bottles are quite sought after, so we were extremely lucky and excited to see it among the collection we received from Australia.

The Ti-Toki liqueur is a locally produced liqueur and is still produced today.  They still offer it in these bottles, however, since Crown Lynn no longer exists they are now produced by a small Auckland pottery.  You can read about the liqueur on the Ti-Toki Liqueur Website or check out  Jean Poutine’s thoughts on the bottle and the Ti-Toki liqueur on the ‘May Contain Nuts’ blog.

Air New Zealand Salt and Pepper Shakers

365 Challenge Day 147

These salt and pepper shakers are part of a dinner set created by Crown Lynn to be used in first class on our national airline, Air New Zealand.  As with the Ti-toki bottle above, this dinner set is now quite rare and is highly sought after by collectors.  A recent full dinner set in this pattern sold for thousands of dollars.  Sadly, these are our only pieces of this range.

Early Crown Lynn Vases

365 Challenge Day 148

This picture shows a very small selection of the Crown Lynn posy vases in our collection.  These were made in the early days of Crown Lynn and come in a variety of glazes, shapes and sizes.  A few from our collections are fraction marked, which was usually done to record the type of glaze used on experimental vases.

Crown Lynn Nautilus Vase

365 Challenge Day 149

As mentioned above this beauty is one of my favourites and is the crowning glory of my sub-collection of white vases.  Crown Lynn produced a wide variety of white vases.  These are still very popular today due to their colour and styling which means it’s not just collectors that are after them.

Crown Lynn Sugar Jar

365 Challenge Day 150As you can see this is still used as a sugar jar of sorts.  It’s just a bit more processed than the sugar it was intended to hold.  This is now Layton’s trusty lolly/candy jar and is never far from his reach.

Colour Glaze Dinnerware

365 Challenge Day 151

The last day of the month heralds the end of ‘Ceramics Month’ so we wanted to finish with our collective favourite dinnerware sub-collection.  Colour Glaze.  This is the general name given to a variety of brightly coloured dinnerware.  There were a number of different colours produced under the colour galze umbrella with lilac, black, plum and egg blue being among the hardest to get and therefore the most popular.

In recent times this range has increased in popularity due to its simple, elegant design and the variety of gorgeous colours produced.  As Crown Lynn has experienced a resurgence during the past few years these pieces became less common and the prices have started to rise.

The jug on the left in the picture is a McAlpine refrigerator jug.  As the name suggests they were produced to fit into McApline fridge doors and were inserted into all fridges as a free water jug.

Yellow is one of the most common colours for these jugs to come in, however it is still highly collectible and fetches a pretty decent price – although not quite the same level as the egg blue one, which recently sold for close to $4,000 on a local auction site.

Here ends Ceramics Month, we hope you enjoyed the short tour of our favourite pieces in our collection.  If you would like to see more Crown Lynn pieces and read a bit more about the history, head on over to CollectablePride’s blog, I suggest starting with the blogpost on Sarah’s Collection and going from there.  If you really want to delve into a wealth of Crown Lynn knowledge or perhaps find out more about pieces in your collection, I recommend heading over to the NZ Pottery Forum.  There are plenty of threads about various NZ pottery makers and pieces of NZ pottery and there are also a number of people on the site with a wealth of knowledge who are more than happy to chat.

As for the Mini Men, we had such fun bringing you Ceramics Month (well part-month), that we decided to move on to our Camera Collection throughout June.  So the last day of this week kicks that off with one of Layton’s favourites from our camera collection.  As with Ceramics Month, we’re going to continue the same format with the cameras and have each picture individually rather than in a gallery.

Instamatic 100

365 Challenge Day 152

 The Instamatic range of cameras were a series of inexpensive, easy-to-load cameras released by Kodak.  The first to be released was the 50, which appeared in the UK market in 1963, about a month before the 100 was released.  The 100 was the first to be sold in the US market.

This range of cameras also introduced Kodak’s new easy-load film cartridges, which along with it’s many other features meant it was a simple snapshot camera that anyone could use, and lead to it becoming an instant success upon release.

This model also featured the built-in flashgun for AG-1 “peanut” bulbs (as shown above).

We were lucky to have found this particular version still in the original box with the case and spare bulbs for the princely sum of $3.

—- Information courtesy of Wikipedia

So as one collection comes to a close, the next begins.  Check back in the next couple of days for our camera collection posts as the Mini Men riffle through our ever expanding collection.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog. If you’ve missed any of the Miniature Men’s adventures (or wonder what this madness is all about) click the Miniature Men link at the top of the blog to see all our Miniature Men posts.


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